Tina Outeiro


The journey to self-discovery is a challenging one, but it is worth everything. Mine started like many others. I was in the corporate world, owned a successful accounting practice, had my amazing sons that I raise on my own and followed the path that others had put in front of me. All during that time, however, I knew that there was another side to my life that I would find. ​ Over the years I struggled with how I truly wanted to live my life, what legacy I wanted to give my sons about their own pursuit of happiness and how I needed to lead them by example. I came to realize that I was missing my calling and my sons were not getting the best part of me. I was not on my own path. It was then that I made the decision to find out what it is that I was meant to do. I slowly started to go to yoga, meditate and found holistic healing as a way to clear my mind and leave my heart open to lead me to where I neeeded to be. This was my awakening. I was able to let go of all the things that I felt were holding me back and I found a community that made it easy for me to simply be. ​ It was then that I realized that helping others realize their own path is where I am meant to be. I did my 200 hour RYT yoga training for adults, as well as for children. I am a Holistic Health Coach and a level 1 Reiki Healer. I also know that I will always continue my pursuit to best help others and feel at complete peace with this new path in my life. ​ My ultimate goal is to inspire everyone I come into contact with, to freely discover the joy in being truly at peace with themselves.


100 Remer Avenue
New Jersey 07081
United States

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