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Safe and fertile ground for women, national digital publication, Identity Magazine, provides a community for them to voice their stories and benefit from articles contributed by others who share the same dreams, goals, and challenges. Not your average beauty and fashion publication, Identity prides itself on offering substantive pieces on, among other topics, nutrition, emotional and physical health, career, and self-help. Ultimately, Identity serves as a resource, or better, a spark, that ignites every woman’s flame—accelerating her journey toward self-discovery. Identity addresses her hopes of well-being and self-actualization with anecdotal inspiration by way of online content available for all to consume and savor. Our mission is to empower women to get all A’s in the game of life by discovering their power of Self-Acceptance, Appreciation, and Personal Achievement. We believe that once you accept, embrace, and own a situation or circumstance and show gratitude and appreciation for what you currently have, it is then that you can achieve at a greater level within yourself and your life


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PO Box 853
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