Sandra Lewis


Dr. Sandra Y. Lewis, Personal Energy Strategist(TM) and Founder of The Living Source, believes in the power of you. She is dedicated to helping women create their most vibrant and satisfying lives. Dr. Lewis developed Life In 4-Part Harmony, a system that puts you to work for you. Four principles based on the ancient philosophy, Maat, form the Life in 4-Part Harmony system. Truth + Order + Balance + Reciprocity = Harmony is a simple yet powerful formula to help women build their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy. With a few well-placed strategies, women can increase their physical vitality, sharpen their mental focus, enhance their emotional wisdom, ignite their creativity, renew their spirit, and bring their best to what matters most to them. Dr. Lewis brings her knowledge and skill as a clinical psychologist, certified yoga teacher and certified medical Qigong practitioner to her work. She uses a combination of ancient wisdom and evidence-based science. A range of strategies including movement, mindset shifting, emotional flexibility, mediation, positive self-talk and gratitude practice help women put their natural energy resources to work. Dr. Lewis shows women how “the power of you” is the force that makes your life the one you want to live. Visit her website to get your free copy of her EBook, "Plug In To The Power Of You".


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