Liz Broos


I offer hope and happiness. I help people of all ages, gender and backgrounds look, feel, think and live better. We have unique, natural, patented anti-aging technology for your FACE, BODY and BRAIN plus an awesome global opportunity for you to create the life you love!! If you want to look and feel incredible, or want to think more clearly, remember more, have more energy, contact me to sample our products. You will see for yourself how simple and easy it is to turn back time, and why I have so much fun sharing these exclusive, transformative products with everyone I meet. Our line of patented, nature-based anti-aging products address the underlying causes of aging and damage to the brain, face, body: BRAIN: Memory, recall, focus, attention, energy, sleep quality, - for all ages. EHT is a dietary supplement containing molecules extracted from the green coffee bean (no caffeine), discovered after 20 years of research at Princeton. FACE: Night & Day treatments address wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, loose skin, discoloration, uneven texture, large pores etc. EYES: Eye Serum provides immediate improvements in puffiness, fine lines, dark circles etc. while addressing the underlying causes over time: Eye-V MoistureBoost Hydrogel Patches provide a weekly (or as-needed) refreshing, rejuvenating spa-like treat for tired-looking or tired-feeling eyes BODY: Firm Contouring cream addresses the appearance of dimpling, cellulite, loose skin, flab etc. I can also help you add a personal touch and differentiate your business in this electronic age, with personalized cards for every occasion - printed and mailed for you anywhere in the world at the touch of a button


Basking Ridge, New Jersey 07920
United States

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