Leslie Karen Hammond


Known as the Empowering Story Whisperer, Leslie has been serving women and heart-centered men since 1999, she provides simple yet profound tools to change the way you look at your life experience as it relates to serving your clients and your community. Every person is worthy and enough! Every story matters and has the power to change lives. As soon as you come to terms with and proudly tell your story, the past will inspire you and those you are best suited to serve. Learning to listen to the signs your body/life gives you will lead to a profound sense of freedom and the fulfilment of purpose. If you want to feel complete, consider how important what you avoid is to your well-being. You deserve profound happiness. Isn't it time you lived fully and unapologetically? Leslie changes lives through half and full day 1:1 sessions, workshops for cutting old energetic ties, Women's Circles, Rite of Passage Ceremonies, and her inspirational book publishing program, Tell Your Story, where she takes people from concept to published book. Read more at www.LeslieKarenHammond.com or leave a message/send a text to 860-303-8772. Leslie resides in CT yet travels monthly to attend Montclair meetings because she LOVES the pod.


9 Bayshore Drive
New London, Connecticut 06320
United States


Monday through Saturday 10 am to 6 pm

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