Kris LeDonne


What happens when there's a fire and you have to get out? - you grab the loved ones and get OUT. Usually the irreplaceable memories are what's lost in a crisis and the grief is real. As an independent consultant (a.k.a. "Legacy Maker") with Legacy Republic, I am the trusted handler who brings your photos and memories from a state of clutter, to an organized, protected, easy to enjoy format, that you can share with loved ones near and far! My specialty is videotapes, albums/scrapbooks, slides, negatives, printed photos and old movie film reels. What you get is a DVD copy and a private online account you can view and share from our free app or from any device with wifi. THE BEST PART OF IT ALL, is the strengthened family connections that take place when you share these memories, and even have a few of them made for you on a "life as art" canvas or premium photo keepsake. Here's a peek on YouTube:


New Jersey 07981
United States


Monday- Friday 9am-3pm Evenings and weekends by appointment

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