Elaine Fernando


***SPECIAL OFFER*** Organized Transitions, LLC., offers a number of customized services such as Home, Office, Financial and Photo Organizing, among others! Elaine is offering 15% off their hourly rate, for new clients only! Having more than 25 years experience in the investment banking industry and running a household of four has helped me hone my personal and professional organizational skills. My background and vast experience has helped me specialize in busy individuals and families, who need help in organizing their homes and businesses. Whether it be piles of paperwork, gathering documentation for tax preparation or putting a system in place to pay bills, I help put order in their lives. I earned my Masters degree from Columbia University and spent 25 years in Wall Street’s international investment banking firms. I worked with clients and listened to their needs. Planning, executing and maintaining skills were necessary skills. Because of my innate organizational skills, friends have approached me about setting up my own business. Since I love working on finding creative solutions to organizing, I decided to start Organized Transitions LLC. Talking about finding my passion? This is it! I finally found the bliss I always wanted. I love passing on the same passion I have about organizing to my clients so that they can find tranquility in their lives. Let an experienced professional organizer help you declutter and destress your home, workspace and financial life. Let me put bliss back into your life. Let Organized Transitions LLC help you.


2560 US Highway 22, #263
Scotch Plains, New Jersey 07023
United States


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