Diane Marie Ford


Are you an entrepreneurial or entrepreneurial spirited individual who wants to make a difference, yet find yourself at a crossroad in either your professional or personal life? Have you been fast-tracking for so long you have lost sight of what truly is important – self-love, self-worth and your own genuine happiness? And are you finally ready to put an end to that chronic, nagging problem… the one which sits on your shoulder and slaps you up-side the head to remind you it hasn’t yet been resolved, once and for all? Have you been seeking support in all the wrong places, investing much and receiving little in return? Are you strong-willed and possess a sense of adventure and a playful willingness to explore a unique and out-of-the box solution to common problem-solving? Do you welcome a straightforward, no-holds barred, corporate savvy, spirit strong coach, who blends practical and magical to intuitively co-counsel with spirit in a highly confident, elegant way… one which achieves extraordinary results? Excellent! We may just be an ideal fit. Please take a look around my site. Learn more about What I do and How I do it.


P.O. Box 363
United States


Open by appointment.

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