Dawn M. Roode, Founder of Modern Heirloom Books


As founder of Modern Heirloom Books, LLC, I help families and family-run businesses preserve their legacies in bespoke coffee table books. Following a distinguished career at some of the country's top lifestyle magazines, I now combine my editorial expertise with my passion for memory-keeping & legacy preservation. Through a series of one-on-one interviews and an exploration of photos, letters, and other personal materials to arrive at the just-right story for each subject, our team creates a luxurious book that is the gift of a lifetime—for the subject, their family members, and for future generations. Using many of the storytelling and design techniques adapted from magazine journalism, we design a visually compelling book: an heirloom coffee table book meant to be opened to any page and revisited often. My enduring philosophy: I don’t want to create a 500-page family biography that sits on a shelf collecting dust. I want to create something that prompts even more story sharing—think of your child pulling the book down when Grandpa visits, begging to hear the stories he told ‘one more time,’ asking to see even more photos than were included in the book! Some popular book options include: • Family biographies that bring generations’ worth of genealogy to life • “Dear Daughter, on Your Wedding Day,” the bridal gift guaranteed to make her cry tears of joy • Milestone books that celebrate a hallmark anniversary or birthday • Adoption journey books that preserve a family’s unique origin story • Legacy books that are a tribute to a lost loved one • Slice-of-life books that hone in on an individual experience or time period: war years, career achievements, emigration to a new home, falling in love, or becoming a parent, for example. I am a seasoned journalist (Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Vogue), a compassionate and open-hearted listener, and a superior project manager. I value stories, and I sincerely want to hear yours. After all, if you don’t tell your story, who will?


Chatham, New Jersey 07928
United States

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