Anna Shustack, Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant


Daymond John, one of the venture capitalists on the ABC series Shark Tank, noted that to build wealth, you need multiple streams of income and residual income. With the US skin care market projected to reach $11 billion in 2018, it seems that Rodan + Fields is at the right place at the right time. Most of my business partners didn't think they'd ever be part of "one of those" companies, and yet they made room on their busy plates, working their businesses around life's responsibilities, and are now earning enough to pay their mortgages, for travel, or even for a shameless shoe fund. Does it happen overnight? No, it takes time. But time will pass, regardless, so why not see what could happen if you tried? If you know someone who would enjoy getting a 25% discount on the #1 skin care brand in the US while earning an income on part-time hours, please connect us! You just never know who might be looking for something like this.


2 Carhart Court
Montclair , New Jersey 08867
United States


Monday through Friday, 10am to 2pm

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